About Neurontin

Neurontin warnings and precautions

There are a few warnings and precautions that you should consider before starting the consumption of Neurontin.

warnings precautions NeurontinSince it is understood that abrupt stopping of Neurontin is not possible, care must be taken before the course of Neurontin is adopted. One of the warnings that falls under the banner of warning is that this drug when administered causes emotional imbalances in children.

This includes hostility, concentration problems and hyperactivity. There are a few other behavioral problems that can be noticed when the drug is administered in children.

So, utmost care needs to be taken when this drug has to be used in children with less than twelve years of age.

A few symptoms that Neurontin intake would exhibit would be increase in the frequency of seizures, fever or chills, inflammation of your ankles or feet, mental imbalance, confusion, frequent closure and opening of your eyes and tremor.

Other less serious side effects in using this drug are increased feeling of tiredness, lack of concentration, nausea, loss of appetite, constipation or diarrhea, dry mouth, runny nose , head problems, insomnia or mild skin rash.

Neurontin withdrawal needs to be very slow. The risk of seizure is increased when the drug is suddenly stopped. As with any medicine used to handle seizure, stoppage of Neurontin also needs to be very gradual.

Neurontin is bound to reduce your responsiveness. This would that you must know how Neurontin reacts to your body. If you are a person working in a plant, care must be taken while handling machinery or while driving vehicles.

Also, you must totally avoid consumption of alcohol if possible. This is mainly because alcohol tends to affect your Central Nervous System by causing drowsiness.

Neurontin is found to impair the vision. It causes blurred vision or double vision. Therefore, you must consult your doctor before you start your course of Neurontin.

As with any drug, Neurontin has influence if it is taken concurrently with other drugs. It is necessary for the doctor prescribing Neurontin to know your medical history.

Also Neurontin is considered as a Category C drug. This would imply that it is not safe for pregnant women to consume this drug. You should understand that complete risk of the drug is not known in pregnant women.

You must inform your doctor if you are pregnant or even planning to become pregnant. Also, this drug passes through the breast milk. If you are already administered with this drug, then you can breastfeed your child only after consulting with your doctor.

Neurontin is a seizure medication. It must be well understood that any drug falling under this category has the potential to increase the suicidal thoughts in a person.

One might also notice certain behavioral problems while the drug is being taken. In such cases, it is always better that one gets to know from his close associates for any change in the behavior.

You must not take Neurontin if you are allergic to this drug or any of the inactive ingredients of the drug. The inactive components are different for different ways of administration of the drug.

For instance, taking this drug orally will contain different inactive components as compared to the person taking this drug by injection. Your doctor is the correct person who could determine the way of administering Neurontin into your body.

You must be very cautious in not overdosing yourself while taking this medicine. Overdoes will induce the thoughts of suicidal ideation, cause impaired vision and dizziness. This drug acts on the Central Nervous System.

So any overdose will directly damage your CNS. If you are already under the influence of any other drug, then precautions must be taken that Neurontin does not add to the potential of causing any damage to your body.