About Neurontin

Neurontin and pregnancy

Studies conducted on animals receiving Neurontin show that this medicine may not be safe for women to be treated with it when they are pregnant.

In the animal studies, Neurontin increased miscarriages and also caused problems in the kidneys and urinary tract. At the same time, it is a known fact that animals and humans do not respond to drugs always in the same manner.

Therefore, if you are on Neurontin and you become pregnant, consult your doctor, who will weigh the benefits and risks and take an appropriate action suiting your particular situation.

If you are prescribed Neurontin when you are already pregnant, let your doctor know that you are pregnant, so that you will be advised on the dosages you have Neurontin and pregnancyto follow and cautioned on the symptoms of side effects while using Neurontin and also during withdrawal of this drug.

The complete details of risks that Neurontin can cause in pregnant women are not yet known because of lack of information on the safety of this drug on pregnant women.

The effects of Neurontin on pregnant animals only were studied and the results showed that the drug can cause several problems. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has used a category system and classified the possible risks that a specific medicine can cause on a fetus if that medicine is taken during pregnancy.

The medicines which have not been studied in pregnant women but seem to cause ill effects to the fetus of the animals have been given pregnancy category C. In addition to this, the medicines which have not been studied in animals and pregnant women as well are also automatically given the rating of pregnancy category C.

The rodents were studied by giving Neurontin to them when they were pregnant and the results suggest that this drug can hinder the growth and development of the fetus.

Particularly the bones are affected. When studies were conducted in pregnant rats receiving Neurontin, the results showed that Neurontin caused problems in the kidneys and urinary tract.

When pregnant rabbits were tested with Neurontin the results showed that the risk of miscarriages did increase due to this medicine. However, it is very essential to note that animals and humans do not respond in the same way to medicines.

So, it is only a wishful thinking that pregnancy category C medicine will not affect pregnant women and hence they can be treated with this medicine safely. If you are a pregnant woman, your doctor should also believe that the benefits you derive from Neurontin outweigh the risks it can cause to your unborn baby.

If you are pregnant while you are taking Neurontin or if you plan to become pregnant while you are undergoing treatment with Neurontin, talk to your doctor and let him/her know about your plan so that he/she will weigh the benefits and risks involved with this medicine in your particular situation and then recommend the suitable course of action.

Briefly, whether you are going to start Neurontin when you are pregnant or you are planning to become pregnant when you are on Neurontin, let your doctor know about it.

This will avoid your facing the problems related to the side effects that this drug can cause in you. Do not also stop Neurontin abruptly or quickly. Neurontin should be withdrawn in a phased manner.

It may take a few weeks for you to get off this medicine, and hence you should be patient enough. Especially, during pregnancy if you withdraw Neurontin it may cause side effects in you and ultimately there are possibilities that your unborn baby also may be affected. Therefore, if you want to withdraw this drug, talk to your doctor first.