About Neurontin

Neurontin and pain

Neurontin is known as Gabapentin also.

It was originally used in the treatment of epilepsy. However, in due course of time, its use was extended to relieving pain, specifically the neurotic pain.

Neurontin works by manipulating the transmission of the pain signals that reach the brain. It blocks the pain signals that go the brain. It has proven itself to be effective against stabbing pains, sensation of burning and electric shock-like feeling in the body.

This drug is used in the mitigation of pain in such cases and avoids the need of any surgery. It is also used in the mitigation of migraine related problems.

Migraine is described as severe pain in one part of the head or sometimes both. The pain is usually realized in the temples or behind the eye or ears.

Migraine induces a nauseating feeling and vomiting. Also the person experiencing migraine might be very sensitive to light and sound. A migraine could be triggered by anxiety, stress or relaxation after stress. There are two ways to fight migraine related problems.

Firstly, you tend to avoid the occurrence of migraine. Else, you find a way to combat the migraine related symptom. Fortunately there are sufficient methods to get you off the problems, but less or little methods are there to cure migraine.

Since Neurontin is a drug that works on the Central Nervous System, it has the capability to block the pain caused by migraine.

The mechanism of functioning of Neurontin is still unclear though researches are still on to explore the working mechanism of Neurontin.

But it is known that it manipulates the calcium channels to the brain. Research so far has considered this as the mechanism of mitigating the nerve pain and seizures.

Neurontin exerts its action as an analgesic by preventing allodynia and hyperalgesia. Allodynia is a pain related behavior to normally innocuous stimulus. Hyperalgesia is exaggerated response to painful stimuli.

Gabapentin works against pain by causing peripheral inflammation. Neurontin is basically used to treat neuropathy or postherpetic pain. It has the efficiency very similar to tricyclic anti-depressants.

It can be used against various neuropathic syndromes that include the cancer pain, pain due to HIV syndromes, chronic pain of the spine and other pains arising out of inflammation.

Neurontin is effective against fibromyalgia. It also works efficiently against nerve compression pains such as spinal stenosis and herniated lumbar discs.

A study conducted on 1.5 million Canadians revealed that Neurontin functions well in mitigation of pain arising out of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy, commonly known as DPN. DPN is characterized by diminishing of the nerve fibers.

Hence, the symptoms for this syndrome could be loss of light touch feeling and weakening of the muscles. Other indications for DPN are insomnia, depression, anxiety and loss of interest in life.

Therefore, one might feel that the quality of life is degraded. Neurontin is also effective against chronic neuropathic pain in diabetic patients called postherpetic neuralgia.

This neuropathy pain could further develop into shingles. The condition of postherpetic neuralgia is characterized by intense pain. This syndrome is exhibited by burning, tearing, aching and electric shock-like feeling.

Though this pain subsides over a period of time, it continues to bother some patients for years.

When Neurontin treats certain types of pain, its side effects also includes headaches. Therefore the dosage should not be decided by the patient because, inappropriate dosages can also cause headache as a side effect.

This also could confuse the patient as to whether the disease has been treated or this drug has become ineffective. In reality the patient may not be aware that the headache has resulted due to improper medication with Neurontin.

Especially if you drink regularly or if you use to take large amounts of alcohol, then special care has to be taken with respect to dosage of Neurontin.

This also applies if you are a pregnant woman or if you are on treatment with other medications. Therefore you should always consult your doctor before altering your dosage of Neurontin.